Easy Packing Tips for Traveling Abroad

Traveling abroad is something that more and more people are doing, yet sometimes they can have issues with packing the right or best things. People often get caught between wanting to take as little as possible, and been prepared for everything that could happen. In many respects what people pack should be adjusted according to the places, which they are going to visit.

So here are a few easy packing tips for traveling abroad:

* Whenever possible take travel sized items such as spray bottles and medication cases. Such items are generally plastic, which means that they weigh less than glass and metal alternatives. It is good to carry and pack lighter items whilst there can be restrictions on having glass and metal objects, especially when flying.

* Pack travel sized packs of mosquito / insect repellent if you are going to a country or countries with tropical temperatures. Take any regular medications with you unless you know these can be obtained while you are away.

* Think about buying clothes once you have reached your destination instead of packing more than you actually need. Research into how available clothes are, how much they will cost, and whether the sizes will fit you before you go.  Then only take what you really need.

* Begin packing a few days in advance so that you can avoid packing at the last moment. Hurried last minute packing increases the risks of forgetting really important things.

* Make a list of all items, which you have to pack, and pack these first. Once essentials are put in the bag or case then consider taking the extra items you would like to have with you.

* Take your passport, any visas, debit / credit cards, and foreign currency with you.                                                      

3 Cheapest Countries to Visit

There are so many cheap holiday destinations that with a little research, stretching your travel budget can be easy as well as enjoyable. Whether you want a sun drenched break, a foodies delight or a destination with nightlife galore, there is something for everyone. To help you on your way here are the 3 cheapest countries to visit.

1. Cambodia

Even though Cambodia is becoming more popular as a tourist destination, it is still one of the cheapest countries to visit. It is a perfect spot for backpackers or travelers seeking a 5 star holiday all at minimal cost.
The range of accommodation is huge-from guest houses to luxurious hotels all staffed by friendly locals. Temples abound and visiting them will definitely not break the bank, the best times to visit are at sunrise which is an experience to behold. The food in Cambodia is nothing less than spectacular so be sure to be   adventurous and try as much of the local fare as you can.

2. Honduras

Pristine, white sandy beaches, post colonial towns and fantastic plaza cafes are part of what make Honduras a magical and extremely cheap holiday destination.
Visit the many seaside towns and marvel at the bustling plazas, cathedrals and Spanish houses which are everywhere. For the cost of a cappuccino, you can enjoy some amazing food from one the small cafes dotted around and when it comes time to rest from your arduous day of exploring, there are many cheap and comfortable accommodation options.

3. India
For one of the cheapest countries to visit you can’t beat India. You can live like royalty for next to nothing. Accommodation costs are minimal and it goes without saying that the food is out of this world and incredibly cheap. Street food from one of the many stalls will save you even more money-just be sure to pick a stall that is busy with locals and looks clean.
There is so much to see in India without spending much money that you will be spoilt for choice. Wherever you go, be sure to savour every minute of your trip.


Must Haves for Constant Travellers

Bankcards, correct travel documents and insurance are a few of the must-haves for constant travellers but what about other important things that you need when you are constantly on the move?

A First Aid Kit

It doesn’t sound like much but if you find yourself with a massive headache or a dodgy stomach at 3 am in a strange country, you will be thankful that you have your immodium or paracetamol on hand. Just a few items can make the world of difference so put a little thought into putting a small kit together.


Whatsapp, skype, maps, a translator and a currency converter are all useful apps to have. If you find yourself in a strange city, exhausted after hours of travel but realize you have forgotten to book somewhere to stay, an app like booking.com can be a lifesaver.

Hand Sanitizer

This is worth it’s weight in gold. Use it for wiping down your plane table, wiping up spills and obviously washing your hands when you are not near any soap and water.


A lot of places don’t have toiletries that you are used to. Deodorant is quite often hard to find in China as are sanitary products so be sure to stock up before you leave home. If you have sensitive skin be sure to take enough of your usual skin care product because depending on where you go, you may not be able to find your brand.

Your Sense of Humour and Smile

This is probably the most important thing to be sure to take with you. Things do and will go wrong from time to time so no matter how frustrating things may get, trying to see the lighter side of the situation can help immensely. A smile costs nothing and can make a difficult situation a whole lot easier as well as making yourself feel better.